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1st November 1954/Zine #3 w/Tour Tape (USA)


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Fiyat: 9,99

Ürün kodu: ALGR60
Category: Cassette

Ürün detaylari için Algiers - 1st November 1954/Zine #3 w/Tour Tape (USA) - Cassette

1st November 1954 limited edition tour cassette and zine. This includes new material and B-sides along with a 16 page color zine in collaboration with artist Brad Feuerhelm. Limited to 300 copies.

Includes download code.

Released 15th August 2018

A1 Knife Wounds in Grey
A2 Le Torture
A3 Blasted Heath
A4 1st November 1954
B1 Quad Cities Improve (Live at Roz-Toxx)

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