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September 2017 Zine #2 w/ B-Side & Rarities Tour Tape


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Fiyat: 8,99

Ürün kodu: ALGR34
Category: Cassette

Ürün detaylari için Algiers - September 2017 Zine #2 w/ B-Side & Rarities Tour Tape - Cassette

September 2017 zine comes with limited edition tour cassette. This includes rare unheard material and demos along with a 16 page color zine with contributions from the band and friends. Limited to 100 copies.

Includes download code.

Released 13th September 2017

A1 Overture
A2 Games (Demo)
A3 Time Lapse
A4 incidental 6
A5 Insomnia
B1 Remains (demo)
B2 Repetition 1
B3 Repetition 2
B4 Repetition 3
B5 Without atmosphere

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